• PCI Developments
  • PCI Developments / User Interface
    Fig 1. User Interface of the application
  • PCI Developments / Whiteboard
    Fig 2. Capture of our project timeline (above) and our backlog (on the left)
  • PCI Developments / Zenhub
    Fig 3. Capture of our Zenhub board

PCI Developments

Jan - Apr 2017

scrum mastering, sprint planning & review, demos, story points

My objective for this project was to develop my scrum mastering skills and understand the concepts of MVP, sprints and retros.

In a nutshell

I lead a team of 5 in developing a tablet application for PCI as part of my industry project at the Centre for Digital Media. Our team was composed of 2 developers, a UX designer and a UI designer.


Our mission was to showcase the vibrancy and dynamism of the future Great Northern Way. We aimed to provide the public and potential tenants with an interactive experience to help them understand GNW’s potential to truly become a vibrant and thriving creative community.

My role

I lead our sprint planning, review and retro sessions and I was our client's primary point of contact throughout the whole semester. I managed both the art pipeline and the technical pipeline (milestone definition, issue tracking...) and organised our final demo & delivery.


Throughout the project we learned how to strip our design down to the essentials, and designate a clear focus for each iteration in order to prove and validate our concept with our client. This helped us prioritize better and design a stronger MVP that focused on the core idea. We also managed to provide our client with a roadmap for future developments, to allow them to plan future iterations right after delivery.

Read more about my process here.