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accelerated mobile pages, SEO, continuous deployment, continuous integration, serverless static site

In my free time I like to stay up-to-date with the latest Search Engine Optimization and front-end development trends. I do most of my experiments on my website. I'm particularly interested in front-end performance and technical SEO (both client-side and server-side optimisations).


I recently stumbled upon Harp, a very cool static site server / generator. Harp compiles Jade, Markdown, Stylus and Sass out of the box and creates static assets in a blink of an eye. I really like how lightweight and straightforward it is, you can get started in seconds without any configuration, all the magic happens in the background. No fancy web framework here, just simple front-end publishing.

Harp / Github repo
Harp Github Repo

Accelerated Mobile Pages

I've finally made some time to look into Google's AMP project. Areas of interest around AMP: technical implementation, crawl speed, indexation, overall impact on organic traffic visits.

AMP Validation
AMP Validation

Deploying through Travis CI

I recently tried to link my repo's dev branch to Travis CI. My goal is to have Travis handle the "gulp" and "gulp deploy" tasks right after my commits (like Jekyll). Having this would make my workflow much smoother and would ultimately save me a lot of time.

Travis fail
Attempting to deploy through Travis CI