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My technical setup


GulpJS, github pages, continuous integration, jade

My goal for this website was to develop a simple and scalable serverless static site. Here are the tools I used to make it possible.


GulpJS is a task runnner that lets you automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks during development. I currently use this tool to develop and deploy my builds on Github pages.

Gulp file
Gulp file

Github Pages

Github has a very handy feature called Github pages which allows users to deploy and host their website from their github repository. I push my development files on the dev branch and I use Gulp to push my build to the master branch. This solution is free, secure, and offers good performance thanks to Github's CDN.

Jade templating engine

Jade is a neat templating engine that lets you write markup fast. I'm currently using its most basic features but I'm planning on trying its more advanced feature to automate other parts of my build process.